About AKU-Aalborg

AKU-Aalborg, Assignment of Dormitory- and Youth Housing, is an association that manages the cooperation between accommodation organisations, independently owned dormitories, privately founded dormitories and Aalborg Municipality regarding the assignment of youth housings. AKU-Aalborg was founded, in the year 2000, as a successor to IFAK, the accommodation assignment committee of Aalborg’s dormitories.


The purpose of centralised assignment of accommodations is, first and foremost, to make sure that house hunters can apply for all dormitory- and youth housings in all of Aalborg Municipality from one place, free of charge. In addition, this ensures that all applicants receive equal treatment.


As a rule, all youth housings, regardless of form of organisation, can figure in the centralised assignment of accommodations. However, a common accommodation organisation, no matter what the Municipality requests, is authorised to decide whether the accommodation organisation of a common youth housing in question, is included in a shared assignment or not.