AKU-Aalborg’s private accommodation service

We arrange private accommodation in the Aalborg-area. The actual accommodation service takes place via our website.

To be considered for private accommodation, you must:

  • Make note of the serial number, states in the advertisement for the apartment you wish to make a request for, and then contact AKU-Aalborg, either by phone number 0045 - 99314298 or e-mail privat-aku@aalborg.dk
  • After that you must contact the landlord to arrange, when it is possible to inspect the lease.
  • Naturally, you are not obligated to rent said accommodation, nor is the landlord obligated to choose you as his tenant.
  • Lease contract, terms et cetera are to be agreed on by you and the landlord.

Tip! You are only eligible for rent subsidy, if your accommodation has a private kitchen with drainage. View the current minimum rate for self-payment at www.borger.dk. If you have a shared kitchen, you are not entitled to rent subsidy. 

Additionally, AKU-Aalborg refer to Lejernes LO, www.llo.dk, who are helpful with information regarding matters that you need to be aware of, when the lease contract is signed and, generally, as a tenant.