Dormitory and youth housing

AKU-Aalborg currently offers 7,313 kollegie- og ungdomsboliger(dormitories and youth housings) for young people seeking educational admission in Aalborg Municipality. Amongst the 7,313 accommodations, approximately 7,000 include private bathroom and kitchen.

Housing benefits: Housing benefits can be sought for all apartments with a private kitchen. Housing benefits make up 15 % of the net mortgage, though you are always required to pay a minimum of 2,017.00 DKK (2018). Typically, housing benefits will cover approximately the excise taxes.  

Deposit: You can apply for an interest free loan exempt from repayment for the indskud (deposit) (indskud is a type of deposit that also funds some of the construction costs and, not only, renovation costs associated with moving out) at Aalborg Municipality, if it is mentioned in the space “Mulighed for indskudslån” in the facilities section for the individual apartments.

PLEASE NOTICE THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTIONS: You CANNOT apply for a loan, if you’re moving into common youth housing without a private kitchen.

Read more about the deposit loan here.