Info about reapplication

When you can reapply, a submenu called "It is time to reapplicate!" appears for this site. The information indicated below is, solely, general information. 

  • Reapplition means that you - via a tab on your application profile - must notify that you wish to keep your existing application. The reapplication-selection is, ONLY, visible on your profile, when it is possible to reapply. 
  • You are - as a rule - responsible for updating your application profile and, thus, staying informed about when it is time to reapply. However as a service, we send out a reminder for when it is time to reapply, so make sure that the correct email is registered in your application. 


The reapplication periods start:

  • March 1st
  • June 1st
  • September 1st
  • December 1st

as of the abovementioned dates, you have until the end of the month to reapply. 

NB! You cannot reapply, if you do not have any accommodation requests on your application.

If the reapplication is lacking, applicants are deleted from the waiting list, as it delays our work, when there are too many applicants on our waiting list, who no longer need accommodation through AKU-Aalborg.