Can I apply for an "Indskudslån"? (Special type of deposit)

For some of our accommodation, you are obligated to pay a special type of deposit, called an "Indskud" in danish. The information whether it is an normal deposit or an "indskud" that needs to be paid, can be found at our homepage under the facilities for the individual properties.

If you have accepted an offer for accommodation, where an "indskud" needs to be paid, you have the possibility to apply for a 5-year interest free loan exempt from repayment at Aalborg Municipality. 
If Aalborg Municipality chooses to grant you the loan to the "indskud", you only need to pay the first month's rent and utilities to us, as well as send us a copy of the signed certificate of debt called "Lånedokument" in danish. 

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING EXCEPTION: You CANNOT apply for a loan, if you’re moving into common youth housing without a private kitchen.

Some applicants chooses to loan the money by family or friends to pay the "indskud" to begin with, and apply for the loan afterwards. In such cases, we must emphasize that if you apply for the loan more than 4 weeks after moving in, Aalborg Municipality will decline to look at your application.

You can read more about "indskudslån" here. (NB! The page you are transfered to is in danish...)