Advices for new tenants

As a tenant in dormitory/youth housing, there are many conditions and good advices that you should be familiar with. On this website, we have collected a number of relevant links, tips and advices that you may need as a new tenant in dormitory/youth housing.



#1: Contents insurance: Make sure to take out contents insurance, if you are not covered by your parent’s insurance.

#2: Note flaws and deficiencies within 14 days: Within the first 14 days of your rental period, you must make sure to fill in a list of flaws and deficiencies that you and the superintendent both sign. By all means, take pictures to document the different flaws and deficiencies.

#3: Make sure to register your new address at Aalborg Kommune here (NemID is required). You must make sure to register your new address within the 5 days after moving in - otherwise you'll risk getting a fine on 500 DKK from Aalborg Kommune. 



#1: Make sure to install a wire lock for your laptop.

#2: Note the serial/frame number for your valuables. (Bike, moped, TV, camera, PC, and so on)

#3: Write down the EMEI-number for your cell phone (The EMEI-number is found under the battery just below the bar code. Always 15 digits.) So the police can track your phone, if it is stolen.

#4: If you are going on a vacation, or the like, avoid closing all of the curtains as this only signals that nobody is home, if possible notify the neighbour to keep an eye out for strangers around your apartment, let the neighbour empty your mail box et cetera. In other words; Take a look at your apartment, from the perspective of a burglar, and make the appropriate reservations. 

#5: Check this website for lots of useful information, and test whether your apartment is secured against burglary: