Tenant FAQs

I have paid the first month rent to you – where do I pay the rent henceforth?

Answer: You only pay the first month rent to AKU-Aalborg. The next time, the first of the month comes around and from then on it is the superintendent (housing association/dormitory), who collects rent. The superintendent will send the payment information to your new address by mail.

I have found some flaws and deficiencies in the apartment – what should I do?

Answer: Two weeks after you move in, at the latest, you must submit a list to your superintendent with any flaws and deficiencies that you have noticed in the apartment. Then, the superintendent needs to assess whether it is flaws and deficiencies that need to be fixed right away, or be noted, so you do not risk being liable, when you move out.  


I need cheap furniture for my apartment. Do you know where I can, potentially, buy furniture at a reasonable price?

Answer: There are many second-hand retailers in Aalborg, where you can buy used furniture cheaply. View the list of retailers here.


Study check – what does it entail?

Answer: AKU-Aalborg has to do a compulsory study check at least once a year – or as required – to ensure that the people, who occupy the apartments are, in fact, entitled to do so.

When you move in to a dormitory or youth housing, you must, within 3 months of the occupancy date, submit valid documentation, which confirms your study- and educational activity. Subsequently, you will receive an email, when it is time for a study check, once again.

Please notice. If your accommodation is specified as a "STAY accommodation", we already need the valid study documentation when signing the contract. 

I have send in the form “Erklæring om studie-/uddannelsesaktivitet” (Decleration of Study- and Educational Activity) 6 months ago and now you have, once again, asked me to send something – why?

Answer: If the submitted declaration only confirms your study activity 6 months and forward, then we will ask you to you send in a new declaration of study- and educational activity, after 6 months. 

I have just moved in to a youth housing – what is valid documentation of study- and educational activity?

Answer: Valid documentation must be issued within the past 3 months. It must feature your name and, if possible, birthday and the date of the commencement of study. Also, the documentation has to state, when you expect to complete your studies.

For instance, it can be a written confirmation from your study secretary, a print screen of the SU statement from www.su.dk or a letter of acceptance, if you have started studying less than 3 months before.


I wish to terminate my dormitory/youth housing – how do I proceed?

Answer: You must submit your notice to AKU-Aalborg. On the tab "Termination of tenancy", you will find two termination forms for, respectively, 6 weeks and 3 months. In your lease contract and in the facilities of the apartment (on the website) it is stated, how long your term of notice is. When you have filled out and signed the form, you can either scan it in, and return it to us, or send it by post/deliver it in person at our office.


Can I call you instead of sending the termination form?

Answer: No, a termination is only valid with the tenant(s) signatures, so you have to send the signed termination form. You are welcome to send it by email: aku@aalborg.dk 

Do I get a receipt, showing that you have received my notice?

Answer: When we have registered your notice in our system, we will send you an email to confirm that we have received your notice – equipped with a possible re-letting date. 

I have received a notice from you, but why?


Have you just moved in to youth housing? If so, you must – as you were informed about, when you received the lease contract – send in valid documentation of your study- and educational activity within 3 months of the takeover date of your apartment – if you fail to do this, you do not meet the requirements to occupy youth housing, and AKU-Aalborg are, as a result, obligated to terminate your lease.

Have you lived in dormitory or youth housing for more than 3 months? If you, as a tenant, of youth housing do not respond to emails, letters and reminders pertaining to the study checks, which AKU-Aalborg sends to you, we are obligated to terminate the lease as it, in that case, is assumed that you are no longer enrolled in an educational programme.

It is not possible for me to show off my apartment, for which I have given notice – what should I do?

Answer: As tenant, it is your duty to show off your apartment if any of the students, who were offered the apartment, are interested in seeing it. If you are not home to show off the apartment yourself, you are obligated to arrange for somebody else to show off the apartment during the period, you are away.

How do I know, if I have a 6 weeks or 3 months notice?

Answer: It appears several places, among others, in the facilities section of the property, which is found on the website and in your lease contract.

I have a 6 weeks notice until the first of a month – for how long am I liable?

Answer: From the date we receive the notice, 6 weeks are counted forward and then we add up to the first of a month.

My apartment has 14 days renovation – what does this entail for me?

Answer: The 14 days of renovation, where your apartment is painted and renovated for the new tenant. The renovation takes place on your account.


As I am studying abroad for 6 months, I wish to sublet my apartment – what do I need to do?

Answer: If you wish to sublet your apartment, you must find your own subtenant, who also has to be enrolled in an educational programme. View our rules for subletting in the menu on the left. Subsequently, you must fill in the application that permits you to sublet and, by yourself, devise an authorised lease contract with date specifications. These documents are also found in the menu on the left under 'Subletting'.

What documentation do I need for the sublet to be permitted?

Answer: AKU-Aalborg needs the completed application for the subletting permit, the lease contract filled in by the tenant and subtenant and also documentation of study- and educational activity from both tenant and subtenant.

From the tenant, we need documentation that traveling abroad happens in connection with studies and from the subtenant we need the customary documentation for study- and educational activity, which proves that the person, in question, is enrolled in an educational programme.

How do I find a subtenant?

Answer: For instance, you can hang a poster at Aalborg University and/or other educational institutions and, naturally, at AKU- Aalborg as well. You are also welcome to fill in a bill form for subletting, which you will find in Accommodations/Dormitory- & Youth Housings for subletting, and return it to us – then we will post the bill on the website. 


Can I apply for rent subsidy in youth housing and how do I do it?

Answer: The conditions for seeking rent subsidy for your apartment are, that there has to be a private kitchen or kitchen recess with piped water and drainage and you need to pay a certain amount of the rent. View the current limit for what you need to pay, as a minimum, her(here).

If you become a tenant in a *) independently owned- or private building and satisfy the requirements below, we will – along with the lease contract – send a certification form, you can use to apply for rent subsidy. You apply for rent subsidy digitally at Payment Denmark here: www.borger.dk.

If you become a tenant of **) common accommodation and satisfy the requirements you, merely, have to follow the link pertaining to the rent subsidy application in the email, we send you along with the lease contract.

*) You are tenant of an independently owned or privately founded building, if you receive/are in possession of one of the following types of lease contracts: Type form A, 9th edition or Type form U 1991, 2nd edition.

**) You are tenant of common accommodation, if you receive/are in possession of the following type of lease contract: Type form B 1998, 6th edition.    

I moved in last year, but did not apply for rent subsidy – however, I would like to apply now – what should I do?

Answer: Firstly, read the answer to the question described above. If you are a tenant of an independently owned- or privately founded building and you need certification for the rent subsidy form, you have to make an application to the housing association, where you pay the rent and get them to produce one for you. It is, solely, in connection with occupancy that AKU-Aalborg produce the certification. After that, follow this link to apply for rent subsidy. If you, on the other hand, are a tenant of common accommodation, you should, merely, follow this link to www.borger.dk.

I applied for rent subsidy, when I moved in 6 months ago, but now there has been a rent increase – should I do something?

Answer: No, "Udbetaling Danmark" is automatically notified about rent increases and regulate rent subsidy in proportion to the rent.  


I need a sabbatical, as my current educational programme has turned out, not to be my thing. Thus, I need time to figure out, what I’m going to do next – can I stay in the apartment?

Answer: No, a sabbatical is, unfortunately, not approved in regard to being permitted to stay in youth housing. If there are no plans to – within a short period – find another educational programme or apprenticeship, you have to give notice on your lease. If necessary, contact AKU-Aalborg to learn more about YOUR situation.


I have become tired of school and need a break (leave of absence) from my studies before I proceed – can I keep the apartment?

Answer: Yes, you can. As long as, you are taking a leave of absence for a period of time with the intention of continuing the studies later. However, you are not allowed to sublet your apartment, while you are taking a leave of absence.

I have become pregnant and, thus, need to take a leave of absence from my studies – can I keep my apartment?

Yes, you can keep your apartment. However, AKU-Aalborg needs documentation of your pregnancy – for instance, a copy of the medical record and a written confirmation from the place of study that you are taking a leave of absence for a period of time – and return to the studies, later on. 


My partner and I have split up and, therefore, he/she is moving out of the apartment – do you need to know anything besides the fact that one tenant is vacating the apartment?

Answer: If both names figure on the lease contract, and the person (who is planning to continue the lease) is able to document, that he/she is enrolled in inducation at the moment, maybe it's possible to continue the lease. In such a matter and for further information please contact the housing association, to whom you are paying rent.   

I wish to move out of my apartment next summer and my friend wants to take over my apartment. Is it okay for her to take over the apartment?

Answer: No, it is not okay. There is a waiting list for all leases, so if you send us your notice, we will, above all, offer your apartment to the applicants on the waiting list. However, your friend can sign up for the waiting list – on our website – and hope that she is among the ones, who receive an accommodation offer. 

I activated my application profile a couple of months ago and, now, I have received an email telling me that I have to reapply. How should I react?

Reapplication means that you – through a tab in your application profile – must notify, whether you wish to keep your existing application. The reapplication tab is, ONLY, visible on your profile, when it is possible to reapply.

You are – as a rule – responsible for updating your application profile and, thus, staying informed about when it is time to reapply. However, we send out a reminder for when it is time to reapply, anyways, so make sure that the correct email is registered in your application. 

The reapplication periods start:

  • March 1st
  • June 1st
  • September 1st
  • December 1st

as of the abovementioned dates, you have until the end of the month to reapply.

NB! You cannot reapply, if you do not have any accommodation requests on your application.

If the reapplication is lacking, applicants are deleted from the waiting list, as it delays our work, when there are too many applicants on our waiting list, who no longer need accommodation.

I need a place to store my belongings until I take over the apartment – do you know a place, I can store my things?

Answer: In this matter, we refer to Boxit, which you can learn more about here: http://www.boxit.dk/

How long am I allowed to stay in youth housing, after I finish my studies?

Answer: You are allowed to live in the youth housing for 2 months after you finish your studies. If you finish in July, this means that you are allowed to stay in the youth housing until the end of the month and another two months and, thus, have to vacate the apartment by October 1st

I can not see your signature/stamp on the contract, when I open it from my iPhone/iPad?

Svar: When you - as a new tenant - have paid and signed the contract, we will return a copy of the signed contract to you with our stamp and signature. However when opening a signed contract on an iPhone/iPad, you will notice that our signature is not showing. This is due to the fact that Apple products uses a standard PDF-viewer, and not Acrobat Reader, which is required. In order to see the signed contract correct, please follow the guidance here.